The maximum flow rating for this suction fitting with the center port plugged and outer ports open is 308 GPM (Floor) and 212 GPM (Wall) when using 2.5” plumbing and 268 GPM (Floor) and 192 GPM (Wall) when using 2” plumbing. The maximum flow rating for this suction fitting with the outer ports plugged and the center port open is 200 GPM (Floor) and 168 GPM (Wall) when using 2.5“ plumbing and 184 GPM (Floor) and 176 GPM (Wall) when using 2” plumbing. This suction fitting is designed for installation on side wall or floor of hot tubs or pools. DO NOT adapt suction fitting to any pipe size smaller than ASTM 2” SCH 40 PVC. Suction fitting and fasteners should be observed for damage or tampering before each use. Missing, broken, or cracked suction fittings shall be replaced before use. Loose suction fittings shall be reattached or replaced before use. Mount suction fittings on the walls, in the foot wells of hot tubs or pools. Do not mount directly under seats. Follow all winterizing instructions and recommendations of your pool and spa professional. Open area of the suction cover is 38.79 in2.


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