Products built on years of experience and expertise.

There is a CMP solution for safe and effective commercial water management.


For swimming environments, there are effective systems for hotels, motels, apartment and condominiums, community pools, slash pads.

Our Ozone, AOP and UV-C are perfect to create clean water for animal life in zoos and aquariums.

Keep staff and pool visitors safe from harm by utilizing a fitting DEL sanitizer system for your commercial pool application. All systems eliminate 99.99% of contaminants, highly reduce chemical usage, eliminate eye, skin, and hair irritations, do not degrade swimwear, and will provide you with peace of mind you need when servicing a vast amount of guests in your facility.

CMP Commercial sanitizer systems are listed under NSF/ANSI Standard 50, with an EPA Establishment number, and have been third-party validated (under NSF/ANSI Standard 50) for 3 log reduction (99.9%) of Cryptosporidium parvum and a 6 log reduction (99.9999%) of all harmful microorganisms (in a side-stream applied single pass) commonly found in commercial swimming venues.